Dutch progressive rock band Turbulence is a four piece from Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The band emphasizes on creating their own songs and being as creative as possible by opening all musical boundaries, while still maintaining their typical turbulent style and sound, which is catchy and easy accessible.

After having released their first 4 track promo release “Reborn” back in 2009, they had a change in bass players, and since then they have mostly focused on writing new song material and the further development of their sound and musical style. This has now resulted in a catalogue of a total of twelve self-written songs and the number is still counting. With this amount of material, the band is preparing to head for the studio to record a fully produced album release in the nearby future.
At the same time, they are eager to test the new songs in a live environment! The band is now ready to hit the stage and amaze every single person in the audience with their ability to drag them under and pull them into the musical world of Turbulence.

Turbulence play their own brand of progressive rock, with some metal elements. The clean lead vocals are mostly done by singer / guitarist Rik van Bavel, and they are accompanied by the clean vocals of second guitarist Ruud de Boer. The vocal harmonies of this duo blend together very naturally, as do their amazing guitar playing skills. Both alternate lead and rhythm parts and they both play some mind-blowing solos as well. Bass player Joep van de Put and his cousin, drummer Martijn van de Put are responsible for an impenetrable interlocked rhythmic foundation that grooves like hell!
Lyrical themes are drawn from everyday life experiences such as love, hate, betrayal, sorrow or happiness, mostly phrased in metaphors. In this way, the listener can easily identify oneself with the song.
All in all, Turbulence play a very dynamic style of catchy progressive rock, with space for both sensitive and subtle passages, but also very solid and heavy power riffs, enforced with kick-ass solos and strong harmonic twin-vocal parts! The songs stay compact, show diversity and have the capability to drag you in all the way! All of this is brought to you on stage with a lot of energy and drive, played with passion and musicianship!

“The voices of guitarists Rik and Ruud have a lot to offer, just as their playing skills do. The production is solid, in good balance and this demo is quite good for a prog band that doesn’t use keyboards. Heavy, diverse and well produced. More of this!”

Score: 81/100.
Review “Reborn” promo, Lords Of Metal online metal magazine.


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